The Leadership Team is supported by construction managers, construction coordinators, and administrative staff. Our executives and support staff are cross trained between banking, retail, restaurant, and commercial. 

RJP Consulting Group | Bob Pepppelman

Robert Peppelman
·Founder · President & CEO·

Bob is the founder, visionary, and majority shareholder of RJP Consulting Group. Bob brings 30 proven years of developmental management and construction management experience working with nationally known brand corporately owned chains, franchises and with franchisees. Bob’s assertive style and thorough understanding of development in this fast paced industry has been a benchmark for all of our development management professionals. Bob orchestrates the day-to-day planning and strategic goals of our 4 regionally based offices. 



Harry was RJP’s first employee in 2007 after being a general contractor for 15 years. Harry is a protégé of Mr. Peppelman and quickly adapted to the fast paced world of retail construction and development. Harry has a penchant for detail and communication. 



Scott brings nearly 10 years' experience as a general contractor where he primarily specialized in restaurant and retail construction. Scott’s unique combination of entrepreneurialism and construction experience is well adapted to the world of retail construction and development.


·Director of restaurant

Ray is a highly experienced construction and real estate professional that has successfully managed construction, real estate, facilities, operations and sales teams to success. He has over 25 years' experience as a hands-on manager who is known for having a strategic and focused approach using team building, technical expertise, and financial returns to facilitate external customer satisfaction. His experience spans several categories including small, mid and large box projects. Ray believes that problem solving is best accomplished by looking for win-win results while always pressing for improvement in procedures and cost control tools to create improved schedules and budgets.  He makes decisions independently and quickly with minimal escalations.



Doug is gifted in financial management, accounting and administration. He has international experience and has held key leadership positions in start-ups including foreign and domestic, for-profit and nonprofit. Doug establishes the foundation for healthy SMEs through due diligence, financial modeling, business process design, cash management and global financial services. Doug has a deep passion for diverse groups.