RJP and The Future of Construction


Feature 1

RJP, on behalf of our Clients, continuously seeks to increase collaboration amongst all project team members to cost-effectively improve/expedite the life-cycle of each project undertaken.

Achieving this improvement will require our review and adoption of new technologies which facilitate planning, design, construction, operation and maintenance of built assets.  Laser Scanning, Photogrammetry and Reality Modeling is a suite of technologically advanced services we offer that greatly improves our ability to accurately and cost-effectively capture and provide project site data to our clients and relevant stakeholders.

Laser Scanning, Photogrammetry & Reality Modeling

Our laser scanning, photogrammetry and aerial data capture services can rapidly acquire as-built conditions to create intelligent 3D to 6D models with pinpoint detail and accuracy.  Even the most challenging and intricate geometries are modeled with speed and efficiency.  Millions of laser data points and high-resolution 360-degree photographs are aligned, or registered, to create colorized point clouds for CAD, Revit modeling and immersive walk-through simulations. Building elements can be extensively tagged, or annotated, within our simulations with all cloud content.  Tags may highlight specific construction concerns, franchise uniformity, ADA and fire safety compliance, building features or other information to be passed along to remote project stakeholders.

Our models are user-friendly and readily accessible on mobile platforms ready to document, analyze and share critical information.  3D modeling and easy access to up-to-date information helps produce clash-free design and field work.  Unlimited photographic angles and measurements can be extracted including roofing and duct elements.


We employ many of the same industry-leading hardware and software technologies for construction progress reporting, documentation of final configurations, and to showcase completed work and market the built asset.


The Result

Reality modeling reduces the need for site (re)visits, rework and the probability of human error.  In short, we leverage the latest technology to deliver higher quality results that are on time and on budget putting your project ahead of the competition.