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"Committed. Professional. High sense of Integrity. "

RJP Consulting Group | TD Bank Projects
“Our relationship with RJP is built on a foundation of trust. Their overall quality of service and quality of competitive pricing made me hire them. Whatever we send their way, they get it done. RJP’s core value is being “customer centric.” They take fiduciary responsibility very seriously. Their assimilation into our program and “client minded” approach has made it almost indistinguishable between where TD begins and RJP ends.”
RJP Consulting 

Gerry Guidice
TD Bank
global head of enterprise real estate

"When RJP was working at this company, there were regular updates every week. They're good at handling something critical in the moment. Bob's team has a great depth of experience. You can't have a problem they have never heard of."

Sean Christopher
director of CONSTRUCTION, North America


“RJP’s attention to detail and great references are what convinced us to hire them. After working with them I have seen first-hand their scalability, adaptability, thoroughness and a keen ability to work through any problem to the benefit of all concerned parties." 

BriaN zappala
Bohler Egineering
Chief OPerating Officer 


"RJP was the owner's rep handling the architectural permits and contractors. It's not an easy thing to bring contractors and architects together. They did a great job at it."

Joe schorn
schorn construction


"Just to rattle off their strengths: experience, professionalism, thoroughness, and competency. It would be very hard to find another better agency to hire if they're looking for a company in RJP's industry." 

bob Service
PRovidence Church
Operations Manager